Teller Supervisor

Posted: 07/07/2024


Responsible for implementing existing policies, procedures, and systems involving cashiering operations and customer service functions.   Coordinates, directs, and assigns work.   Responsible for smooth flow of Teller lines, adequate window coverage, and general training.  Oversees provision of a full range of services (including phone and mail) to customers and prospective customers.  Ensures that customers are promptly and professionally served.  


1.  Assumes responsibility for ensuring and performing efficient, effective, and professional Teller operations.

  • Ensures that all Teller functions are correctly performed and are in accordance with established polices and standards.  Ensures that all security procedures are followed.
  • Coordinates Teller operations by assisting in assigning work and distributing workflow.
  • Answers Teller’s questions, solves problems, and assists with complex transactions and sensitive customer relations problems.  Explains policies and procedures to customers.  Makes judgments for Tellers (within limits of authority) pertaining to cashing and/or accepting checks or drafts.
  • Investigates Teller out-of-balance conditions and institutes corrective procedures.  Assists in finding balancing errors.  Ensures that each Teller balances at the end of each day and that all monies are secured in accordance with established procedures.
  • Performs Teller paying and receiving functions as required.  Receives deposits and loan payments.  Prepares proper receipts.
  • Maintains an inventory of cashier's checks, money orders, receipts, travelers checks, and other negotiable items for use in the Teller area
  • Experienced in Windows and Excel spreadsheet applications.
  • Monitors needs of New Accounts and provides back up as necessary 

2.  Assumes responsibility for ensuring and effectively performing customer service functions.

  • Ensures that customer service functions are performed in accordance with established policies and standards.
  • Resolves customers’ requests, problems, and questions promptly or refers appropriately.
  • Presents and explains Bank services and products to customers and assists in meeting their financial needs. Answers questions and solves problems for customers by listening to problems, collecting data, securing answers, and reporting results to the inquiring party.  
  • Receives and directs customers and telephone calls.  Responds to inquiries and questions if possible or directs them as necessary.  Records and relays messages.
  • Performs file maintenance and account changes as needed.
  • Keeps customers informed of Bank services and policies, including types of available accounts, interest and dividend rates, payroll deduction options, and other related services.
  • Maintains and projects the Bank's professional reputation.  Maintains privacy of customer account information.
  • Actively cross sells Bank products and services.

 3. Effectively supervises area personnel, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Provides leadership to personnel through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication.  
  • Ensures that personnel are well trained, effective, and optimally used.  Provides instruction regarding policy, procedure, and service and product offerings.   Assists new employees.
  • Provides personnel with sales training according to Prosperity’s sales philosophy
  • Monitors tellers to insure compliance with policy, procedures and sales culture 
  • Tracks individual employee progress and assists with performance appraisals as required.  Provides support and suggestions for employee improvement.
  • Assists and supports personnel as needed.
  • Assume the management role in the absence of the lobby manager.

 4. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective communication and coordination with branch and area personnel and with management.

  • Coordinates Teller duties and responsibilities with related functions within and outside of the branch.
  • Keeps management informed of area activities and of any significant problems.  Provides suggestions for improved service.
  • Completes required reports and related documents promptly and accurately.
  • Attends meetings as required.

 5. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.

  • Ensures that work areas and equipment are clean and well maintained.
  • Performs procedures for opening and closing of operations, including vault, alarm, and door duties. 
  • Replaces Tellers as needed.
  • Performs related clerical functions as required.


1. Teller functions are efficiently, accurately, and effectively performed in accordance with established policies and standards.   
2. Security procedures are understood and adhered to by all Tellers.
3. Monies are balanced and any discrepancies promptly resolved.
4. Tellers are appropriately directed, assisted, and supported.
5. Good business relations exist with customers.   Customers' problems or questions are courteously and promptly resolved.
6.Good working relationships and coordination exist with area personnel and with management.  Management is appropriately informed of area activities.
7. Required reports and records are accurate, complete, and timely.
8. The Bank’s professional reputation is maintained and conveyed.
9.Transaction levels, balancing, errors, etc. are in line with Bank standards.

High school graduate or equivalent.  
Required Knowledge:        
A thorough knowledge of Teller operations and procedures.
Good understanding of Bank operations
Understanding of Bank philosophy.
Knowledge of basic accounting.
Excellent communication and leadership skills.
Supervisory and training abilities.
Uses good judgement for sound decisions
Professional appearance, dress, and attitude.
Solid math skills.
Ability to operate related computer software, and business equipment including 10-key, money counters, and telephone.



Monday - Friday: 7:15 AM - 4:15 PM. Saturday 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM.
40 hours per week.